Memoirs of a Mad Man: Abyss

When you love someone you obsess over them. You become infatuated with every moment you spend with them and spend the rest of the time thinking about them. The Idea of not being able to be with this person is the deepest feeling any one can face. Right at the center of the body where your stomach and chest meet. This feeling causes an emptiness there. As if a hole is going right through you. You may feel this because you have lost the one you love. Or you fear losing the one you love. Maybe you fear that you will never have the one you love.

Whatever it may be this feeling will not just leave you. Some have to learn to live with it and some break under the pressure. Every once in a while there are those that rise to the occasion. They live in the emptiness, the void, the abyss and become something more. Still broken, yet more. Sorrow, misery, loneliness, rage. These are emotions that derive from love. They are emotions a person should never forget. You let those feelings slip away and when they come back they will only hit so much harder. As bitter as the taste sometimes you have to bite down and get through it. Otherwise you can never find love or survive the abyss love leaves behind.

– The Mad Man

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