Memoirs of a Mad Man: Shiny Little Stainless Steel Ring

beauty_and_the_beast_by_johnathansung-d2zqf9rI had lost her ring for a day and realized in that moment that ring is my most treasured possession. I’ve had many things I thought meant a lot to me break or get lost. But noting I worried about more than this shiny little stainless steel ring. I don’t even like rings. Can never keep one on my hand for to long before I have to take it off. Same goes for this one but this one isn’t any old ring.Sarina was the one. She was the first crush, the first dance, the first kiss. Her brother was my best friend. His name was Richard. I called him dick a lot because I know it pisses him off. Lol. Me and him became best friends pretty much on the spot. I knew Richard had a sister but never met her till I went to Richards house for the first time after being friends for about a week. I knew when I met her at only 7 years old that she was special. She was playing the violin. I don’t remember what she was playing because I didn’t really care. She was all I wanted to see. I remember Richard wanting to go play something and was nagging me about it and I told him I want to stay and watch. I stayed and watched Sarina finish her violin lessons and go right to the piano. 2 hours went by in a blink of an eye. It literally did. It was the same as when you go to bed and wake up and time just skipped. Thats what meeting Sarina for the first time was like. Time was sprinting by far to fast and all I wanted was a few more minutes.We finally got to sit down and talk after she finished her lessons. The crazy thing is now she’s 23 going on 24 and she hasn’t changed one bit from that little girl I met when I was 7. Shes still that overly polite, always looking for the good in people little girl I remember. She knows how to make these faces that make my heart shake in my chest. I feel like a happier person just thinking about it. I was a different person overall than though. Much nicer and kinder. I think she made me that way. Just by being close to some one so pure made me lighter. I remember one of our friends in the group having watched this video of seals being beaten for leather. It was quite gruesome. I remember me and Sarina not being able to watch it. It was just too much for us. I can’t even remember that feeling. The feeling of something being to gruesome that I can’t watch.

I remember going to the beach and on the long drive there we went by a lot of farm land. There were all kinds of animals and some one brought up how cows know when they’re going to be killed and cry and all that. By the time we got to the beach me and Sarina were vegetarians. I was a vegetarian for a sold 4 months before I started eating meat again. Even than it was very casual for a long time. Sarina lasted even longer. She started to eat meat again at some point but only when there wasn’t any other option. I would say she’s still vegetarian to this day.

How things have changed. What have I become since than? This monstrous beast. The person I am now and the person I was than. I must be possessed. Like Night and day. Black and white. Angels and demons. Than again. Horns and tails wings and halos. You can’t change who you are. Maybe I was always this guy and just needed the right push. I miss Sarina. Things would be so much different if she were still around. In one night I lost my best friend and the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with. If only if she didn’t move. Now I cling onto the one thing I still have of her. The one thing I kept. This shiny little stainless steel ring.

– The Mad Man


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