Apple iPhone 6 (5.5″ vs 4.7″): Sneak Peek & Comparisons (4K)

This possible new iPhone looks really nice. I recently made the switch to Android to try something new out and see if I want to stick with it or go back to iOS. Overall I am very happy with Android so far but I was also happy when I was with iOS. With the Motorola Moto 360 around the corner its hard to pick between staying Android or going back to iOS.

Summoner’s Rift Livestream VOD (SR Update)

Two of the Riot guys talk about and answer questions on the new League of legends Summoners Rift update. I’m personally really excited about this update. I said when I upload the trailer for this that I didn’t think it was needed and I still stick to that thinking. Either way i’m not complaining about a nice graphic upgrade. Honestly these changes with improve the game further for the future.

TSM!!! TSM!!! TSM!!!