Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Beta Trailer


Call of Duty vs Halo

Not surprised in the slightest. CoD wouldn’t be what it is today without Halo.

Halo Mythbusters: Episode 1 (Master Chief Collection)

Top 10 Swords in Video Games

League of Legends – Sion Champion Spotlight

You cant get more Darkster then this new Sion rework. Not only is he going to be devastating top but also in the jungle. I recently made the switch to main jungle over top. Not that I dislike top in any way. I just like the idea of not being bothered by any one for my first few levels and then being able to run around and just make plays. (Try to make plays in my case) This new Sion looks perfect for either. Just the design of Sion from a style and game play standpoint makes me want to say he can quickly rise to be in my top 5 favorite champions if not my favorite. Cant say till I get to play him a bit but things are looking good.

Hype Train : Halo 5 Guardians – Agent Locke Friend or Foe?

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Minecraft PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Review

Hard to go wrong with Minecraft. Allot of bang for you buck for $20.

Is Diablo 3 Finally Good?

Is Diablo 3 Finally Good? I say yes. Also console version > PC version.

Lockout is BACK! – Halo: The Master Chief Collection