The Xbox: When Microsoft was the Underdog

A real trip down memory lane.


Will Halo 5 and The Modern Warfare Collection Learn From the Mistakes of Halo MCC?

Halo 5 – Rated “T”?

I personally don’t care that the game is rated T for Teen. I feel they can still do a lot with it.

The Taken King Proves Year One Destiny Was Beta (Don’t Buy TTK YET p2)


I agree with everything said here. I was planing to get The Taken King but due to BDobbinsFTW videos and thinking it over. I think I will be dropping Destiny for the foreseeable future. With Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Halo 5 coming out soon I’m not to worried about quality content. I am lucky enough to own both a PS4 and a Xbox One. If I did not have a Xbox One I might be forced to get The Taken King. Honestly if I didn’t have Halo The MCC I would probably be playing more Destiny now and hating it. Quite the predicament for some people. I can see this actually getting some Xbox Ones sold.



How to play Portal Chess! By: wika57

This is really cool. I think ill try this after I get a better feel for the normal game.

Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Ninja on Lockdown Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay and Tips

Call of Duty vs Halo

Not surprised in the slightest. CoD wouldn’t be what it is today without Halo.

Vain Glory – The Problem With iOS’s Biggest New MOBA

I have been playing this game the past few days now and I agree with whats being said here. That being said I think its an excellent game. I highly recommend it to any one with an iPad.

Halo Mythbusters: Episode 1 (Master Chief Collection)