Olympus 17mm 1.8 Lens Review


Shot on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 35mm f2.8 Canon FD Lens using High Res Shot UnEdited

I got this lens quite last minute before my trip to Cuba. Actually, I got it about an hour before leaving for the airport. Before this, I had the Olympus 25mm 1.8 lens that I got with my OM-D E-M5 Mark II a few days earlier. I love the 50mm focal length but I just didn’t like the build and the continuous wire focus ring on the 25mm. I also felt it overall lacked in the build for its price. The image quality was great and the autofocus was on point, but I like to have the option for solid manual focus and I want a solid build. So last minute I went and returned the 25mm for the 17mm and I’m very happy about it.


Shot on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 17mm f1.8 edited in Lightroom

The 35mm (actually 34mm with this lens but close enough) focal length you get with the 17mm Olympus is quite something. I was a bit skeptical before this about it since I’m overall on team 50mm. Since using the 35mm I have to say I find myself playing on both teams now. It gives crips solid shots at about 4.0 and up and you can also get some beautiful bokeh in if you stop it down a bit. You should see some samples here and linked below is my Instagram where you should be able to see more. The focus ring is great too, if you pull back on it, it will lock into place and switch to manual focus. It’s not actually manual focus, its still focus by wire. It just simulates old-school manual focus and it does it extremely well. You won’t have the same speed you would with pulling the focus ring around like you would with say a vintage lens but it’s pretty close and it’s as good as it will ever get for focus by wire.


Shot on the iPhone 6s Plus

The overall build is perfect. Small, solid metal/quality plastic construction all around. It felt heavier than the larger 25mm I had before, if not denser. I was never worried about breaking it in use and when I would bump it into things it seemed to bump back just as hard. I’ll be honest I hate using neck straps and rarely do but it was simply too hot in Cuba for me to carry my backpack around which means my Peak Design Capture Clip couldn’t be used. If you read/heard my review on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II you would understand I didn’t overall like the grip even though I’m used to it now. So I had to use a strap and let me tell you did my camera and lens take a beating. I would get up from tables and the lens and camera go smashing nose first into the edge of the table. They would both shrug it off like it was nothing. I expect this kind of solidarity coming from the OM-D E-M5 Mark II which was built for it but not the lens. Simply put I was impressed at how well it can take a beating.


Shot on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 17mm f1.8

In conclusion, I would say it was worth every penny. When I got it I thought I would return it if I didn’t like it. (Same with the OM-D E-M5 Mark II) In the end, I couldn’t let either of them go. The only thing that would make this lens perfect in my eyes as if it had weather sealing. Can’t have it all I guess. If you are looking at this lens I highly recommend it and if you are thinking about this vs his brother the 25mm, I still highly recommend this over that. Now that’s not a 35mm vs 50mm thing that this particular 17mm vs that particular 25mm thing. If you want to see my comparison and thoughts on the 35mm focal length vs the 50mm focal length check the links below. I can’t say more good things about this lens from a general use standpoint and a street photographer standpoint.

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OM-D E-M5 Mark II Review

DMA179DA – Super Morlock Adventure Quest (Friday, May, 30, 2014)

DMA179DA – Super Morlock Adventure Quest (Friday, May, 30, 2014)


^Link to Flickr Above^

This is an assignment for my DMA179DA class worth 15% of our final grade. The assignment is to get into a group of 5 or more and go on this adventure scavenger hunt. (Down Town Toronto Canada)

I demanded that our group be called TDT – Team Darkster Top. I’m not sure if it was agreed on. No one else brought up any names so we are officially Team Darkster Top!

TDT Members, Nate (The Carry),Beth (The Support),Joe (The Jungler),G (The Mid), and lastly Me the King of Top

Photos shot on the Canon T5i with the 50mm EF F1.8 II and the 18-135mm EF F3.5-5.6 STM

All selfies and group selfies are taken on the HTC One M8

—-Presentation of the assignment—-

– Group project with groups of 5 or more ( feel free to team­up with other groups for the trip )
– Each group member must list each person on the blog in the group
– plan most of the day for this project
– Each group must have a “group name” for this assignment.
– Post photo’s to your choice of social media sharing sites ( each member must do this )

—-Required shot list­—-

Photo’s will be used to document the groups adventure. Feel free to shot more ­­­Required photo list­­­

– Photo of yourself heading out for the adventure
– Group photo of all members in your group on the subway
– 2 photos of advertisements inside the subway car
– 2 photos of warning signs on the subway platform
Get off at St. Andrews
– Photo of two group members getting a transfer
– Photo of the art on the sidewalk at King Street and Emily
– Photo of all members at a streetcar shelter ( with advertisement in background)
– Photo of Java’s Daily Specials street board ( west of Spadina on Queen south side )
– Photo of the Portland and Queen street signs
– Photo of the storefront of NewYork Subway ( try it out if you want no subs allowed )
– photo of the Gandhi sign ( hungry the best Roti in Toronto ! )
– 10 photos of Graffiti
– Photos of the old Silver Snail location
– Photo of the ‘robots’ on the wall at Active surplus
– Photo of some product one of your group members paid Active Surplus for. trust me someone will buy something
– Photo of a member looking at something from a street vendor on Queen Street ( and Soho ) ­ Photo of the Black Bull patio
– Photo of Soho Street sign and street
– Photo of the Black Market signage
– Photo of the much music SUV out of the building
– Storefront of UMBRA ( check it out if you want )
– Photo of everyone getting on the Subway at Osgood
– Photo of someone’s business card on a subway seat
– Photo of everyone saying bye and heading home at the end of the day