Most Anticipated MMOs of 2016


Duelyst Review

Devilian Review

Athene’s Demon Hand Lock Deck: Insane New Meta Legend Edition

This is an awesome deck Athene has made. I am trying a slightly different variant of it since I don’t have the Warlock legendarys needed. I replaced them with an Alexstrasza and a Ragnaros for now. Working well so far.

Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Ninja on Lockdown Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay and Tips

Vain Glory – The Problem With iOS’s Biggest New MOBA

I have been playing this game the past few days now and I agree with whats being said here. That being said I think its an excellent game. I highly recommend it to any one with an iPad.

Halo Mythbusters: Episode 1 (Master Chief Collection)

Halo 2 Lockdown (Lockout) Developer Map Tour – Halo: The Master Chief Collection – IGN First

Apple iPhone 6 (5.5″ vs 4.7″): Sneak Peek & Comparisons (4K)

This possible new iPhone looks really nice. I recently made the switch to Android to try something new out and see if I want to stick with it or go back to iOS. Overall I am very happy with Android so far but I was also happy when I was with iOS. With the Motorola Moto 360 around the corner its hard to pick between staying Android or going back to iOS.