VOEZ App Game Review


Coming off the the mess that is Mafia III Rivals last week I thought I should talk about a game that is actually really enjoyable. VOEZ is a game that has quite a decent following of players. There is even an active sub Reddit. It was originally released in Asia with very good reception they decided to port it to the rest of the world


What is VOEZ? It is a music based rhythm game where you press keys as they fall from the top of the screen to the bottom in sync to the music. Similar to games you have probably played or at least herd of like Rockband and Dance Dance Revolution. Something I noticed and liked right from the start is how absolutely beautifully the app is designed. Other developers need to look at this game and take notes. It has this pleasant melody playing lightly in the background as you open it up. The UI and layout are smartly placed for ease of use and style. The whole app from the loading screen to the gameplay looks beautiful. It’s I game I wouldn’t mind not playing and just watching. There is also some sort of story that seems to be progressing based on how well you play and meeting certain achievements. It’s not something I find myself caring about in this kind of game but from what I can tell it seems to be a pleasant story to unlock.


VOEZ has a decent amount of tracks that sway more towards Asian pop/techno/happy hardcore/hardstyle type music. If you are looking to jam out to the hottest new Drake track then you are out of luck. I don’t mind it personally, I appreciate all styles of music and the higher bpm tracks in VOEZ make the gameplay come across more intense and enjoyable. There are also slower easier tracks that don’t require as much effort as some of the more focus driven tracks the game offers. The tracks are all given a level. The higher the level the more difficult the track is. Each track falls into 3 different levels at 3 different difficulties for each track. Easy, Hard and Special. Special seem to be the most difficult of the 3. Also don’t forget the difficulty of a track is based on the individual track not an overall system. So all special tracks for instance are not the same level. It’s best for you to find tracks that fall into the difficulty/level that best suits you and work up from there. I find I like hard tracks and I’m at a skill level of about 8–12.


The game is free to play but you have to pay for the tracks. The currency they use are these bird keys. Each key unlocks one track but I could swear I bought a track that cost me 2 keys once. You are given some keys early on but it kind of ends there. They really want you to pay here and there for tracks. I don’t really like is kind of system for the most part but I get it here. I just wish there was and unlock all tracks option that wasn’t just buying a bunch of keys. Then again this let’s them make more in the long run I guess. I personally don’t find much of this to be a problem since they have implemented a song rotation. Every week another random set of songs will be available to play. And yes I do believe the rotation is random. So you can run into a track you have seen in rotation recently.

To get every single track you would probably have to pay for the top key bundle which is $55 for 55 keys. I personally think it’s a bit steep for a mobile game. That’s pretty much full retail price for a high budget game. I mean the new Doom game is on discount right now for $40. I know they are not similar games but in terms of value I just don’t see the worth of $55 here. That being said I really don’t mind paying for a cheaper bundle just to support the game and and unlock the tracks I like. Personally speaking I don’t like all of the tracks anyways and the rotation still gives you the option to play them all at some point.

Overall I think the games awesome and I highly recommend it. This is the first game I am giving a 5/5 for. Don’t expect many of these, I am usually very hard with my reviews so you got to earn that extra star there to complete the set. I hope other developers have a look at this game and take some notes because they really need it. I also hope that developers of VOEZ continue to support the game and the community stays strong.

Rating: 5/5


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Why Do You Love Violence While Being A Pacifist?


Over the years people have grown more and more attached to violence in media. It has become a day to day fact for life for us. Who gets killed next in Game of Thrones? Don’t tell me I can’t wait to see for myself. Who got bit this week on The Walking Dead? I hope it’s not Rick but man would that be some crazy character development for Carl. Yeah, a son watching his father die to only come back as a monster and then die again is character development now. It’s exciting, it’s entertaining, its violence. Now Im not here to say let’s end it if that’s what you think I’m doing. If you know me even a little you know very well I’m not on the side of the angels. 🙂

The question is why? Why does our society get off on violence. In music, in tv and movies and the good old classic media target, video games. Well it’s simple. Everyone deep down is a psychopath. Maybe not to the same degree as others but you all have a little bit of the devil in you. The thing that scares you is you like it. You won’t admit it but we both know you like it just a little. Violence being a part of our culture isn’t a new thing actually. It has always been here we just evolved it as we changed our overall views on life. As we slowly became more and more passive and told ourselves things like violence and being mad isn’t a good thing.

Back in the day we would watch gladiators murder the living shit out of each other to keep the peace, now we watch Spartacus to do the same and get off on random boobs that pop up on the show. At least that’s why I watch it. The thing is you can’t admit anymore you are into violence. I’ve even been looked at all side eyed glare for saying I’m a Mike Tyson fan. I don’t care if Tyson killed a box of puppies on front street, the guy is a living legend. A true monster among men. These same people that don’t like Tyson or boxing or mma then go home and jerk off to Game of Thrones and Call of Duty and I got to sit there like an ass hole explaining why Mr.Tyson is the greatest.

The pussafaction of our society is in direct correlation to the amount of violence we encounter in media. You have a problem with some one in school? Don’t kick the kid in the teeth and teach him a lesson he will never forget, no don’t do that. Instead go tell a teacher who will make both of you apologize for some fucking reason. Some ones being a real prick to you? Well don’t do anything, just keep your head down and get on your knees and suck it up. No, I’m fine right here thanks. The passivity of today’s society, the lack of anger is in direct correlation to the amount of violence in everything else. People are too pussy to have a voice or stand up for themselves or each other so they watch super hero’s do it on the big screen while secretly rooting for the bad guy. I’ll be honest, The Joker and Two Face made a lot more sense to me than Batman did. My respect to the caped crusader but I rather be a dog chasing cars.

All I’m saying is stop being a little fuck about everything. Pacifist will say this is male posturing or an overdeveloped ego. To that all I got to say is “blow me”. You’re wrong. The fire in your veins and the Devil in your heart isn’t something you have to hide from the world. You should be proud of it, indulge it, feed it. Not with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones , but by getting off your ass and defending yourself, by not just sitting there with you phone out recording something horrible happen. If you are going to secretly be a bad person then try and do a good thing for yourself or a few others once in your life. Make love not war sure, but if war is looking you in the eye don’t blink, cause you will wake up later feeling like a piece of shit.


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A Jester With Fools Gold


I had another dream about her last night. An unnatural never could have happened dream of dreams. My subconscious mixing up all the things I want into a mess of sadness and confusion for when I inevitably have to wake up from. I ended up remembering a dream I had forgotten because of this one. It was based almost directly off that one. I was so infused with this dream that I woke up wondering where the hell I was. The first dream I went to London with a friend. I don’t remember the friend but he doesn’t really matter for the overall plot of the dream. We landed and were looking for a hotel there in the city. It didn’t seem like we had anything planed just wanted to touch down get a place to stay and get wasted at bars, causing a ruckus. I remember the Marriott now. It sticks out since it carries over into last nights dream. I remember talking about it to my friend in the dream, how it would be more expensive to stay here vs some where else but we get to be right there in the middle of the city. We agreed that it was better to pay more and be where the action is.

I don’t really remember the room since I wasn’t in it for long. My friend wanted to settle in but I was already on a roll. I was a man on a mission and that mission was to bar hop till I dropped. I told him where to meet me and I left to the first bar. Now this was London in name but the city looked like this crazy hybrid. If I had to say what the combination was I would say 60% London, maybe 20% New York and 20% Paris. It was really cool to be honest thinking back on it now. The buildings were tall and varied in architecture, the roads seemed to curve about. The whole city seems to take a special shape. But back to the story. I was at a traditional Irish/British style pub. (Lots of dark woods, with medium crowd, appropriately themed music and dimmed lighting.)

I can’t remember what I ordered just that I drank a solid 3 pints before my friend showed up and joined me. We then went all over the city with me waking up at some point. I had forgotten this dream in its entirety until this next dream. Actually before we get to the main dream there was one small pocket of another dream also relating to her that took me back to this city. At some point in the dream I got taken a little too far on the bus. I got off at a stop I know well. The thing is this stop was my dream London. I recognized it and also didn’t at the same time. Thinking back I was probably on the cusp of realizing it was a Lucid dream. I got off the bus and realized I was going the wrong way then turned and went the other way. I noticed how it didn’t look like how I remembered it, but it looked familiar like I was there before. It was some kind of hybrid mix of the street I know and the London from the first and the last dream. Now to finally get to last nights dream.

Me and her were going to London with another friend. We were going as friends nothing more nothing less but there was some noticeable electricity between us and all 3 of us knew It. We were aware of it but nothing really happened and it just kind of sat there in the open. Very similar to how it was in real life when I was still friends with her. My other friend was really just there for the sake of being there. I think my subconscious related him to us since he was there for all the stuff me and her went though. He was my confidant for everything that happened with us in real life, so he ended up coming along here too. I remember sitting with her on the plane and having a laugh the whole way there. I remember taking a nap but telling her if she gets bored to wake me up and we can chat or something. I know she knew if she did get bored that she could wake me up and I wouldn’t mind one bit. I would rather talk to her than sleep any day, in dream and out. She did wake me up in the dream. I’m not sure if she did it for me or if she was actually bored but it was nice regardless.

We eventually land and like the time before we don’t have a place to stay. This is where my last dream comes to me like a memory. I tell her about the last time I went to London and we stayed at the Marriott. I told them we can stay there but it will be more expensive but if we split it, it can be cheaper overall. This is the stuff that really makes it feel like it all happened. The little bits that make me believe it when I wake up. It’s such a mundane real life conversation to have and it’s based on a previous dream/conversation. My friend insisted on his own room and was willing to get that himself but she was willing to split with me as long as there were 2 beds. It worked out and we went to our rooms. That’s when I lost my friend for the rest of the dream. He went to his room and fell asleep for all I know. It was just me and her from this point. She wanted to shower and change before we head out. I normally would have just went my way with things like this in real life and even more so in dreams but I really like this girl and I rather wait for her and spend more time with her than be off on my own getting drunk.

After she’s done her shower she comes out in a towel and I’m a gentleman inside and outside my dreams so I don’t look at her. As a joke she tells me not to stare and I as a retort. I turn to her with my eye line high telling her I wasn’t looking and I wouldn’t do that. I’ll be honest though I’m pretty good with my peripheral vision, I’ll just leave it at that. We have a laugh about that, we seemed to have a laugh about everything. Even in real life as much and we would fight about some things our senses of humour really melded well. I can always get her to laugh and the more she laughed the happier I was. That is until we fight. Back to the dream, I’ll keep this PG for the most party but let’s just say at some point there was some hugging and some kissing and it was clear we wasted some money on the extra bed for that room.

After all of that we went out on the town. Oh and also now that I think about it I think my friend knocked on the door and asked when we’re leaving and we told him we are staying in. Regardless we were out on the town. Hell I was flying. There are these constant flashes of fun and happiness. I remember them not like it was a dream but memories, fond happy memories that never happened. At some point we were on a bridge at night. I think it was London bridge since it’s still fresh in my memory from my actually trip to London. Doesn’t matter just a bridge and it was beautiful. I held her in my arms and we kissed and we were drunk and she was shy still and she pushed my face away and then pulled me back and kissed again. At some point we got back to the hotel and went to bed. I can still feel her warmth in my arms and smell her hair and perfume. It’s a strong memory to me not a dream. But I still woke up in my bed. I woke up in my bed a little confused, and I want to say heart broken but I put my heart into a teddy bear that is probably long gone now. I’m use to this kind of feeling. It’s why I drink so much. It helps, curve the pain and usually under the right doses and entertainment, curves the aggression too.

I feel I love her more now. I’m angry at myself for not being better. Im angry at myself for believing there was no such thing as no win situations. Hard work and dedication can get you nowhere just as much as it can get you somewhere. I feel foolish for thinking I had a chance. I should have known better. I’m a better planer than this but my love for her clouded my judgment of myself and the situation. I put such pride in my strategic sense and my instincts and failed to figure this out. I’m a jester with fools gold thinking I can buy a princess. Sorry if this one was a bit more depressing than usual. I just wanted to write it and truthfully I really miss her. The her from all the dreams and the one from real life.


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College Street Bar Hopping Review

Sneaky Dee’s

Sneaky Dee’s is a place me and my friends frequent when we go down to drink on College street. Its usually the bar we end on but we decided to start on it this time because we had a huge craving for Buzz Amber. Buzz Amber is my teams favorite all round beer of choice. I secretly still prefer Guinness overall but Buzz Amber is a tie or very close second. We discovered Buzz Amber at Sneaky Dee’s the first time we went drinking on College street. It was the last bar of the night that time and we just asked for something cheap and left it up to the waiter. The moment we tried it we loved it. Its a very smooth dark beer. Very easy to drink and not notice how drunk you are getting. If any of you are ever at Sneaky Dee’s I highly recommend trying it.

DSC02166 DSC02167 DSC02170 DSC02175 DSC02183 DSC02187 DSC02193


This was the first time we went to Mullins. My friend saw it on the way when were meeting up. We decided to give it a try after Sneaky Dee’s and we loved it. It wasn’t busy and there wasn’t any loud annoying music playing. The whole side of the place was one big window they left open. It was nice having the breeze flow into the bar. The people working there were also very nice. We asked them for what they would recommend as the drink of choice to represent the Mullen. They brought us 2 pints of Guinness. I cant complain. My favorite beer at a really nice comfy open window bar. Will visit again for sure.



I’m more of a whisky, vodka, beer kind of a guy so things like martinis throw me off a bit. But we were trying new things and said what the hell it looks nice lets give it a try. We quickly noticed how “datey” the place was which made me and my friend laugh at the situation. We got our seats and went up to the bar and I asked for something that looks good in a picture but isn’t a girl drink. The bartender laughed and thought for a second. She told us that would be a “Caipirinha” which is a Brazilian drink. Me and my friend agreed after drinking it that its simply an alcoholic lemonade. We liked it but the overall place wasn’t our style. If you are looking for a place to take a date but want to be on the fancy side or you’re a fan of martinis I recommend Touche. If you are not one of these than I would say keep looking.



So we are walking and by this point you have to understand we are pretty drunk. We see Ryoji across the street and decide we should go over. We get inside and see how nice the place is. I mean its very pretty and out of all the places we went to it has the best lighting. As you can probably tell from looking at the pictures. We asked the waiters what they would recommend and they both said different drinks. We said we will get one of each and try it. Now again we were drunk so we forgot to get the names of the drinks written down but we both agreed we liked the drink in the shorter glass more. It had this slightly grassy taste that went down very smooth. The other one was more of a sweet and sour flavor. We didn’t hate it but we wouldn’t order that drink again. Over all great place. We plan to go back there to try the food next time.

DSC02308DSC02259 DSC02269 DSC02275 DSC02294

Smokes Poutinerie

Remember how before when we crossed the street to get to Ryoji. Well we are even more drunk now and we are stupid in general. We had completely forgotten we crossed the street. So we continue down the street and start seeing stores we are sure we passed on the opposite side of the street. Now again let me remind you we are very drunk now and also very stupid. We start to talk about how its such a dumb idea to double up the same store on the same street. We go on about how bad of a business idea that is. on the second store we saw that doubled up I got suspicious. One store on the same street doubling up, ok. Two stores on the same street? No somethings not right here. It wasn’t till we hit the 4th store I realized we are walking backwards on the opposite side of the street.We walked for a solid 8 to 10 minutes in the wrong direction before I realized we went the wrong way. We couldn’t stop laughing at how dumb the situation was and then had to speed walk all the way to Smokes. -_-

Now that all that’s^ out of the way. Lets talk about Smokes Poutinerie. What can I say? Its the best poutine in the city if you ask me. My friends would agree with that statement. What you see photographed down bellow is the triple pork poutine. Just writing about it now is making me salivate. I think if I was able to without getting fat I would eat this every day. I mean just look at it. Do I need to say anymore? Do yourself a favor and get some poutine at Smokes Poutinerie. Unless your a vegetarian. I mean they do have vegetarian options but meh. Its just not the same.

DSC02316 DSC02325 DSC02329 DSC02336

Track & Field

I’m going to say right off the bat this place is not my style. Musics to loud, drinks were on the more expensive side. The crowd was very young and hipster. I just wasn’t able to feel comfortable there and relax. I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. That being said. If you are a fan of the whole hipster type stuff than you would like this place. Also if you’re a single guy between 20 and 25 its a good place to go since it was filled with girls. Again not my scene but it is someones scene. Everyone there seemed to be having a good time. My friend overall didn’t mind it but he really liked the music. The dj was playing a lot of pretty cool old school music. As a dj myself I cant be to impressed about downloading a best of 80s track list and playing it. The good music alone doesn’t validate the place for me. Your results may very. Oh and we forgot to write the name of the drink we got here as well. It was alright…I wish I can say more but I was pretty drunk by this point and it wasn’t that memorable of a drink to begin with.

DSC02398DSC02354 DSC02369 DSC02376 DSC02382

The Emmet Ray 

We were so drunk by this point I couldn’t function as a photographer. Hence why I don’t have many good pictures of the Emmet Ray here. I was so drunk I knocked my glass of whisky over on the table and didn’t want it going to waste so I drank it off the table. >:P Yea I was pretty drunk. My beard smelled like Glenfarclas 12yrs for the rest of the night. That being said the Emmet Ray is one of if not my favorite bar on College street. The live jazz band always playing quality jazz at the back of the place alone is worth a visit. The whisky selection is simply amazing. Over 230 different kinds of whisky. If you are a fan of whisky this is a place you got to go to.


Back to Sneaky Dee’s

After whisky at the Emmet Ray we decided we had to go back to Sneaky Dee’s for one last round of Buzz Amber to close off the night. We did just that. All in all it was a great night. Would do this again for sure.

DSC02452 DSC02463 DSC02469 DSC02476

All shots taken by me using a Sony a6000 with a 35mm Canon FD vintage lens. Lastly a special thanks to my friend Arash for coming along and helping me drink.