Why I’m Back On World of Warcraft


Athene’s Demon Hand Lock Deck: Insane New Meta Legend Edition

This is an awesome deck Athene has made. I am trying a slightly different variant of it since I don’t have the Warlock legendarys needed. I replaced them with an Alexstrasza and a Ragnaros for now. Working well so far.


Deck Breakdown

How to counter the other classes with it

I like that he doesn’t want to baby sit everyone like others do. Just straight facts one after another. Athene goes pretty fast with the explanation of everything here but honestly if your having trouble following your not ready for Legend. With even a little bit of practice all this becomes fairly clear.

AtheneWins – Most Minions Ever in LoL

Love him or hate him you have to admit the guy knows how to make an interesting video. Hes the biggest troll on the internet but that is exactly why I watch his videos. At the end of the day he really is just that good. All his records are legit. I would troll the same way if I was that good.

The Legend of the Mighty Gornok: Lord of the Horde BG Chat

GORNOKFunny thing is. I still got 2nd highest honor gained at the end of this.