Top 10 Reasons To Be Excited For Heroes of the Storm

I have played a bit of the alpha and the game has a lot of potential. I’m not the biggest moba fan. I would probably say I am not a fan of mobas in general but I do enjoy playing Heros of the Storm. Would recommend it to most people. Especially if you don’t like other mobas. This might be the one to change your mind.


Deck Breakdown

How to counter the other classes with it

I like that he doesn’t want to baby sit everyone like others do. Just straight facts one after another. Athene goes pretty fast with the explanation of everything here but honestly if your having trouble following your not ready for Legend. With even a little bit of practice all this becomes fairly clear.

League of Legends – Sion Champion Spotlight

You cant get more Darkster then this new Sion rework. Not only is he going to be devastating top but also in the jungle. I recently made the switch to main jungle over top. Not that I dislike top in any way. I just like the idea of not being bothered by any one for my first few levels and then being able to run around and just make plays. (Try to make plays in my case) This new Sion looks perfect for either. Just the design of Sion from a style and game play standpoint makes me want to say he can quickly rise to be in my top 5 favorite champions if not my favorite. Cant say till I get to play him a bit but things are looking good.

League of Legends – Gnar Champion Spotlight

This little guy looks amazing. As a top player im so excited for a new top champ. That being said the skill cap on this guy seems way out of my league. Will still probably buy him day 1 but will take a while for me to get respectable with him. What a bad ass champ though.

One thing I would change about him is make his ultimate the Gnar transformation and put it under a cool down or lower the speed in which you gain rage to transform. Kind of like Shyvana’s ultimate.

DMA179DA – Super Morlock Adventure Quest (Friday, May, 30, 2014)

DMA179DA – Super Morlock Adventure Quest (Friday, May, 30, 2014)


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This is an assignment for my DMA179DA class worth 15% of our final grade. The assignment is to get into a group of 5 or more and go on this adventure scavenger hunt. (Down Town Toronto Canada)

I demanded that our group be called TDT – Team Darkster Top. I’m not sure if it was agreed on. No one else brought up any names so we are officially Team Darkster Top!

TDT Members, Nate (The Carry),Beth (The Support),Joe (The Jungler),G (The Mid), and lastly Me the King of Top

Photos shot on the Canon T5i with the 50mm EF F1.8 II and the 18-135mm EF F3.5-5.6 STM

All selfies and group selfies are taken on the HTC One M8

—-Presentation of the assignment—-

– Group project with groups of 5 or more ( feel free to team­up with other groups for the trip )
– Each group member must list each person on the blog in the group
– plan most of the day for this project
– Each group must have a “group name” for this assignment.
– Post photo’s to your choice of social media sharing sites ( each member must do this )

—-Required shot list­—-

Photo’s will be used to document the groups adventure. Feel free to shot more ­­­Required photo list­­­

– Photo of yourself heading out for the adventure
– Group photo of all members in your group on the subway
– 2 photos of advertisements inside the subway car
– 2 photos of warning signs on the subway platform
Get off at St. Andrews
– Photo of two group members getting a transfer
– Photo of the art on the sidewalk at King Street and Emily
– Photo of all members at a streetcar shelter ( with advertisement in background)
– Photo of Java’s Daily Specials street board ( west of Spadina on Queen south side )
– Photo of the Portland and Queen street signs
– Photo of the storefront of NewYork Subway ( try it out if you want no subs allowed )
– photo of the Gandhi sign ( hungry the best Roti in Toronto ! )
– 10 photos of Graffiti
– Photos of the old Silver Snail location
– Photo of the ‘robots’ on the wall at Active surplus
– Photo of some product one of your group members paid Active Surplus for. trust me someone will buy something
– Photo of a member looking at something from a street vendor on Queen Street ( and Soho ) ­ Photo of the Black Bull patio
– Photo of Soho Street sign and street
– Photo of the Black Market signage
– Photo of the much music SUV out of the building
– Storefront of UMBRA ( check it out if you want )
– Photo of everyone getting on the Subway at Osgood
– Photo of someone’s business card on a subway seat
– Photo of everyone saying bye and heading home at the end of the day