Magic: The Gathering UR Control/WB Control vs GB Reanimator/UG Ramp Commander Twin Headed Giant 2015


Magic: The Gathering Standard Free for All Mono Green Ramp vs 4C Midrange vs 4C Midrange 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Be Excited For Heroes of the Storm

I have played a bit of the alpha and the game has a lot of potential. I’m not the biggest moba fan. I would probably say I am not a fan of mobas in general but I do enjoy playing Heros of the Storm. Would recommend it to most people. Especially if you don’t like other mobas. This might be the one to change your mind.


Deck Breakdown

How to counter the other classes with it

I like that he doesn’t want to baby sit everyone like others do. Just straight facts one after another. Athene goes pretty fast with the explanation of everything here but honestly if your having trouble following your not ready for Legend. With even a little bit of practice all this becomes fairly clear.

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Is Diablo 3 Finally Good?

Is Diablo 3 Finally Good? I say yes. Also console version > PC version.

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