Ready Player One Official Trailer #1

I read “Ready Player One” year’s back and it became one of my favorite books. Top 5 easy. I was worried about the movie but watching this trailer puts my worries to rest. The scenes that I recognize are exactly how I pictured them in my head while reading. Really excited for this one to come out.


Tesla X Musk Is Right


Elon Musk the man behind Space X and Tesla has openly talked about going into space for not only the betterment of man kind but our survival. I absolutely agree. Our futures are not based here on the ground but up there in the stars. One of my greatest fantasies is to one day own a space ship. I know it’s ridiculous and can never happen in my life time but it’s a fantasy, that’s the whole point. I also want to marry Scarlet Johnson too but I think the space ship is more likely. Regardless it’s something I think about often in general and just before going to sleep. The space ship and our future not Scarlet Johnson I mean…ok her too but mostly the whole space ship thing.

I feel we have had a lot of notable sway when it comes to government funded space expedition but not to the degree that is needed. We underestimate the importance of space due to our worldly needs and political agendas. Space is our future and we’re too worried about who said what and snapchat. Fuck snapchat. We need more people like Elon Musk who understand our position and is openly trying to expand our foothold past this small blue planet we have almost killed off. Musk has been talking about colonizing Mars for a few years now and it looks like it’s really in the works. He plans to land people there within the next decade or so with all new space tech designed and made by his company Space X. A means of getting people and cargo across to the planet in one go and means of transportation and living when landed. These are all things he’s talked about on his twitter account and recent conference.

No one really cares about space unless someone’s beating some other country to it. The thing is its not us vs each other its us vs the great unknown. The faster we get past that the closer I am to getting out there with my space ship. Just me and Scarlet flying through the great reaches of space.

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