How to play Portal Chess! By: wika57

This is really cool. I think ill try this after I get a better feel for the normal game.


Vain Glory – The Problem With iOS’s Biggest New MOBA

I have been playing this game the past few days now and I agree with whats being said here. That being said I think its an excellent game. I highly recommend it to any one with an iPad.

Destiny – Why Isn’t Destiny Revolutionary?

League of Legends – Gnar Champion Spotlight

This little guy looks amazing. As a top player im so excited for a new top champ. That being said the skill cap on this guy seems way out of my league. Will still probably buy him day 1 but will take a while for me to get respectable with him. What a bad ass champ though.

One thing I would change about him is make his ultimate the Gnar transformation and put it under a cool down or lower the speed in which you gain rage to transform. Kind of like Shyvana’s ultimate.

League of Legends – A New Dawn Cinematic

Look at Darius dunk on these dirt kids. Beast mode all day!

DOOM – Teaser Trailer


League of Legends: Summoner’s Rift Preview

This is looking better and better every time I see it.

League of Legends: Do You Watch League More than You Play?

Another interesting video by gbay99 on League of Legends.

[A] Perfect Game Alliance vs Cloud 9 [18-0] @ DreamLeague LAN

Massacre. Not like League of Legends is it Cloud 9?