Hearthstone Control Warrior Lets Play 1


World of Warcraft: No More Flying! No Problem. (6.1)

Why I’m Back On World of Warcraft

Athene’s Demon Hand Lock Deck: Insane New Meta Legend Edition

This is an awesome deck Athene has made. I am trying a slightly different variant of it since I don’t have the Warlock legendarys needed. I replaced them with an Alexstrasza and a Ragnaros for now. Working well so far.


Deck Breakdown

How to counter the other classes with it

I like that he doesn’t want to baby sit everyone like others do. Just straight facts one after another. Athene goes pretty fast with the explanation of everything here but honestly if your having trouble following your not ready for Legend. With even a little bit of practice all this becomes fairly clear.

The Legend of the Mighty Gornok: Lord of the Horde BG Chat

GORNOKFunny thing is. I still got 2nd highest honor gained at the end of this.

Is It Too Late to Join WoW? – Game Scoop!

I partly agree with whats said here but with the new level 90 boost I cant see a better time for new players to start playing. You get a free one when you buy Warlords of Draenor. That being said these newer games like ESO and GW2 are excellent competitors. Bang for your buck wise GW2 is hard to beat. 

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Cinematic Trailer

Just picked up my Curse of Naxxramas game unlock. I really think its worth the $20. Having allot of fun with it.

AtheneWins: Thoughts on Hearthstone Balance & RNG

The Real WoW Killer – MMORPG Industry Historical

I admit to having my ups and downs with WoW but I always go back to it. No other MMO has the same effect on me as WoW. I always end up leaving because I would get burned out or I would like to try a different game but I always end up going back at some point. WoW is home. That’s what WoW has going for it. You may get tired of it you may get burned out but you always find yourself going back home.

WoW has this aspect of being the game you think of when you hear MMO. It has established itself so solidly into the industry that the only thing that can kill WoW is WoW…Well Blizzard but yea you get my point.