DMA133DA – Charizard Skateboard Assignment


So the final assignment for my DMA179DA class is making a skateboard design and putting it on a skateboard. I decided pretty early on that I was going to use Charizard from Pokemon. I picked Charizard for 2 reasons. Dragons are awesome and Charizard is my favorite Pokemon. This is what I ended up on with my first run at it.


I kept it simple and found a picture of raw carbon fiber. Through that into the background. Dropped the opacity on the Charizard pic and added in a plain black paintbrush layer. Just went all over the screen with a thick black brush and dropped the opacity on that as well. Then did the same thing again but did an outline of the Charizard in white. That’s what that whitish glow is. I really like how this turned out but part of the assignment involves making the design look like something from the 60s, 70, or 80s. Carbon fiber wasn’t going to cut it so I went back to square one.


Here I did a lot of the same. Went on google and searched for some old school photographs to find that grainy yellow look. Found a few that worked and just cut out what I needed. I put all those behind the Charizard pic and messed around with the opacities. Did the same effect with the paintbrush tool too. Just this time went with a black outline instead of a white one. I like the first one I did more but this one fits the assignment better.


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