Deck Breakdown

How to counter the other classes with it

I like that he doesn’t want to baby sit everyone like others do. Just straight facts one after another. Athene goes pretty fast with the explanation of everything here but honestly if your having trouble following your not ready for Legend. With even a little bit of practice all this becomes fairly clear.

Fools Gold By: Darkster

This is a “gag” I wrote for my DMA299 Media Production class. It was meant to be funny and have some sort of punchline or at least be a funny story but once I started writing this is what I got. Its a little on the sad side but it really hits home with me personally and how I feel in my day to day life right now. I hope you all like it. I will be posting more stuff like this in general from now on I think. We will see how it goes.

The fool goes to the princess after a visit from her prince charming and asks. What is it about him she loves? The princess says that he is loyal and kind and funny. The fool asks. Who is the loyalist person she knows? The princess is not sure. The fool says was it not him who has been by her side through all the hardships she has faced. Willing to take the blame for anything. The princess replied yes you are right you are the most loyal fool I know. The fool asks who is the kindest person she knows is. The princess is not sure. The fool says is it not he who tells her a tale or a joke to raise her spirit. Is he not the one who skips meals to save pennies only to get her what little he can? You are right you are the kindest fool I know. Finally the fool asks. Who is the funniest person she knows? She says of coarse the fool is. Yes. You are right says the fool. My humor and wit is known across the lands. Kings and men alike smile at me. Does this not make me the most loyal and kindest and humorous person you know? Does this not make you love me? The princess thought a moment and said. No. It just makes you a good fool. No one can love a fool.

Final Skateboard Design

skate new

Here is my finished skateboard design. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I will explain how I got to this finished product below.

self stencil 2self stencil retro edit 2

At first, this was the route I was going with my skateboard. More down the graffiti path. I used the same photographs as I did for my original Charizard edit idea but added in the graffiti picture you see in the background of the picture in the top right. Fiddled with the opposites till I got that. Oh and added in my logo.

skate 1

This crap you see here is what I ended up with when it came to the finished board at first. I threw the picture on the board’s frame and realized the picture gets far to pixilated when I stretched it out to fit the board. To make up for it I just put the picture in the middle and used content aware fill to take care of the sides. It didn’t work out perfectly so I went over it a few times with to get what you see. Thew on my logo and was ready to print.

self stencil 2 redself stencil 2bnr

When I had some extra free time due to being ahead of the curve when it came to my assignments I went over my old finished skateboard design and realized it was dog shit. So I looked into ways of changing it. In the end, I understood I had to start over with my base image. To stick with the 60s,70s,80s, theme I looked at some of Andy Warhol’s work and wanted to go down that route. I also wanted to incorporate the Darkster colors (black and red) This was done simply using the paint bucket tool and then doing light touch-ups with the brush.

skate new

From that point, I threw the images on to the 10×36 canvas and arranged them how I wanted. Used the brush tool to pull the edges of the black and red across the canvas and used the paint bucket tool to fill it in. After that, I added in my logo. I couldn’t find a place I really liked to put it so I decided on just putting it right in the middle and having it work like a negative against the background. Did that again with just the brush tool and then filled it in with the paint bucket. Lastly, I added in DarksterMedia in the top left. I tried mirroring it but I didn’t like how it looked. Way too many letters. Then tada! Finished.