Final Skateboard Design

skate new

Here is my finished skateboard design. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I will explain how I got to this finished product below.

self stencil 2self stencil retro edit 2

At first, this was the route I was going with my skateboard. More down the graffiti path. I used the same photographs as I did for my original Charizard edit idea but added in the graffiti picture you see in the background of the picture in the top right. Fiddled with the opposites till I got that. Oh and added in my logo.

skate 1

This crap you see here is what I ended up with when it came to the finished board at first. I threw the picture on the board’s frame and realized the picture gets far to pixilated when I stretched it out to fit the board. To make up for it I just put the picture in the middle and used content aware fill to take care of the sides. It didn’t work out perfectly so I went over it a few times with to get what you see. Thew on my logo and was ready to print.

self stencil 2 redself stencil 2bnr

When I had some extra free time due to being ahead of the curve when it came to my assignments I went over my old finished skateboard design and realized it was dog shit. So I looked into ways of changing it. In the end, I understood I had to start over with my base image. To stick with the 60s,70s,80s, theme I looked at some of Andy Warhol’s work and wanted to go down that route. I also wanted to incorporate the Darkster colors (black and red) This was done simply using the paint bucket tool and then doing light touch-ups with the brush.

skate new

From that point, I threw the images on to the 10×36 canvas and arranged them how I wanted. Used the brush tool to pull the edges of the black and red across the canvas and used the paint bucket tool to fill it in. After that, I added in my logo. I couldn’t find a place I really liked to put it so I decided on just putting it right in the middle and having it work like a negative against the background. Did that again with just the brush tool and then filled it in with the paint bucket. Lastly, I added in DarksterMedia in the top left. I tried mirroring it but I didn’t like how it looked. Way too many letters. Then tada! Finished.

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