Chrono Trigger game review

There are SPOILERS in this review so if you have not played the game probably good to not watch this. That being said I myself have never played the game and watched this and really regret putting it off for so long. Ever since I got into the gaming scene 2 games have always been talked about as the best JRPG’s. I have not played either of these games. These games are Final Fantasy 6 and of course Chrono Trigger. I have always wanted to play these 2 games but have held back due to 2 reasons. Time and the fear that age has taken its toll on me. I am so use to modern titles and how the play now that I am not sure if i can pick up these games and appreciate them. After watching this review I have my finger on the trigger (you guys get it? Like Chrono Trigger. Get it? Fine never mind) to get it on my PS Vita. Still hesitant though.

The Real WoW Killer – MMORPG Industry Historical

I admit to having my ups and downs with WoW but I always go back to it. No other MMO has the same effect on me as WoW. I always end up leaving because I would get burned out or I would like to try a different game but I always end up going back at some point. WoW is home. That’s what WoW has going for it. You may get tired of it you may get burned out but you always find yourself going back home.

WoW has this aspect of being the game you think of when you hear MMO. It has established itself so solidly into the industry that the only thing that can kill WoW is WoW…Well, Blizzard but yea you get my point.