Chrono Trigger game review

There are SPOILERS in this review so if you have not played the game probably good to not watch this. That being said I myself have never played the game and watched this and really regret putting it off for so long. Ever since I got into the gaming scene 2 games have always been talked about as the best JRPG’s. I have not played either of these games. These games are Final Fantasy 6 and of course Chrono Trigger. I have always wanted to play these 2 games but have held back due to 2 reasons. Time and the fear that age has taken its toll on me. I am so use to modern titles and how the play now that I am not sure if i can pick up these games and appreciate them. After watching this review I have my finger on the trigger (you guys get it? Like Chrono Trigger. Get it? Fine never mind) to get it on my PS Vita. Still hesitant though.

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