TOKYO GHOUL – Promo Video — Coming July

I usually don’t cover anime in general since I feel like most anime that comes out now days with the exception to a few are the same shit different smell. That being said I have been reading the manga for Tokyo Ghoul for a while and wondered why they didn’t make an anime for this. Felt like every old random no name manga had its own anime. Well Im happy to say the Tokyo Ghoul anime is happening and judging from this promo trailer it actually looks better then the the manga. Which means allot for me to say since 9 times out of 10 times I prefer the manga vs the anime.

The manga for Tokyo Ghoul to me seemed to kind of go all over the place and didn’t have a great structure. The main character was interesting but never very relatable and the action didn’t come fast enough. When it did it was awesome but came to slow and ended to fast for me. Still enjoyed it but I hope the anime helps work these problems out.

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